Happy New Year – 2014!

Greetings Cat Magnet Fans! We’ve been so busy there has been no time for adding new posts until now! Lots of new cat rescues & book writing in the works. Cat Book #2 is well underway & will ideally be out either late 2014 or sometime next year! Stay tuned! :) However, on a sad note we lost 2 of our purrecious family members. These 2 sweet angels were brother & sister & both passed away in 2013. They had a great life but are missed greatly. Cats are such blessings. :(

Happy Easter & Spring 2013!

More exciting news! The response to the 1st Cat Magnet Book has been so wonderful, that I’ve decided to write a 2nd book! In fact it’s well underway already! The front cover is done and 14 new “Cat Tales” are already written! Stay tuned for more news & updates! ;o)

Author’s Convention & Group Book Signing Event!

Hi Cat Magnet Fans!

Exciting News! A fellow author friend & I attended a wonderful Author’s Convention & Group Book Signing together in late March! My friend Laura took this photo of me at our shared book signing table inside a mall! We had a blast & learned a lot too at the convention! Book sales continue to go well too!

The Cat Magnet - Mall Book Signing With Author Friend Laura!



The Cat Magnet

Happy 2012!

Hi Cat Magnet Fans!

Happy Belated New Year to you in March 2012! That’s just how busy it’s been for “The Cat Magnet”! Last year, my book’s 1st year was fantastic with 10 book signings & tons of book sales! Have also been busy doing what I do best – rescuing homeless stray kittens & cats too! Wishing all of you a purrfect 2012!

Purrs & Meows!

Book Signings & Holidays!

Hi Cat Fans!

Well, it’s been a purrfectly wonderful & busy summer & fall! We’ve already had a total of 8 book signings & sold over 120 books! Now “The Cat Magnet” is gearing up for a busy Holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Don’t forget to feed your fabulous felines turkey cat food on Thanksgiving so they can celebrate too! ;o)

Busy Spring!

Hi Cat Fans!

Happy Spring! Along with beautiful flowers come adorable new homeless kittens every spring. I currently have two precious, sweet kittens available for adoption – Gabby & Grayson! See their cute photos on the “Adoptable Cats” tab! Gabby’s cute tabby brothers were already adopted!

Also, lots of preparations are currently underway for another exciting book signing soon! Help from friends should make this one extra fun too! Check back again for more book and cat news!

Purrs To All,

The Cat Magnet

The Cat Magnet E-Book!

Hi Cat Magnet Fans!

More purrfect news! The Cat Magnet is now officially available as an E-Book! Just go to any website where it is being sold (see “Buy Book” tab on this site) and you will see that it’s also available for purrrchasing to read on your E-Reader devices!

Plus, we continue booking more book signing events & getting rave reviews from readers who have finished reading our purrfect book! Just learned one friend read the entire 254 pages in one sitting!!! Now that’s the ultimate compliment to a new author – learning people just can’t put it down!!! Please purrchase your copy (in print or as a new e-book) today!

Happy Reading! 😮

The Cat Magnet!

1st Book Signing!

Hi Cat Fans!

Exciting news! We have already had two successful book signings – one in February and one in March 2011! Here are a couple of photos from our first one held in February”!


The Cat Magnet

The Purrfect Gift!

Bernie Gives This Gift Book 4 Paws Up!

The Cat Magnet Book is the Purrfect Gift!

Cat’s Love It Too! Purrchase one for your cat today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Chloe - One of our furry "gifts"!

Wishing each of you a Happy Valentine’s Day! The Cat Magnet book is the purrfect Valentine gift for your loved ones! Why you could even purrchase a copy in honor of your own furry family members and read it with them curled up, purring in your lap! Here’s a photo to enjoy of one of our own furry “gifts”, Chloe, with a bow on her head – a purrfect Valentine photo!


The Cat Magnet & Author